Wheel hub (rear) - Hammerhead 150

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Rear wheel hub 8.010.056
Hammerhead 150 rear wheel hub
Manufacturer :Hammerhead
Part :Rear wheel hub
Part# :8.010.056
Dimension :N/A
Weight :N/A

Hammerhead 150 GT


Rear wheel hub for Hammerhead 150 GT.

Used on

- Hammerhead 150 GT

Cross Reference list

Model Part#
Hammerhead 150 GT 8.010.056
Carter Brother Interceptor GTR 250 620-6002

Carter Brother Interceptor GTR 250 Information

This wheel hub will also fit Carter Brother GTR 250. The difference will be the color and maybe the materiel use to build this wheel hub. All other spec are exactly the same and will fit perfectly on the Carter Brother GTR 250. We don't know yet on the durability... We added some pictures to compare between both rear wheel hub.

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