Carter Brothers GTR 250 Interceptor

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Carter Brothers Interceptor GTR 250
Carter Brothers Interceptor GTR 250
Manufacturer :Carter Brothers
Model :Interceptor GTR 250
Year :N/A
Engine :SYM 250 cc
Transmission :CVT with H / N / R

Carter Brothers Interceptor GTR 250


[edit] Carter Brothers Interceptor GTR 250 User / Parts Manual

File:Carter Brother Interceptor GTR 250 Live Axle User And Parts Manual.pdf

File:Carter Brother Interceptor GTR 250 Differential User And Parts Manual.pdf

[edit] Speciafication

[edit] ENGINE

Engine Type Water cooled 4 strokes
Engine Capacity 250 cc SYM 250cc
Bore / Stroke 71 mm x 63 mm
Displacement 294.4cc
Corrected compression ratio 10.5:1
Carburetor 22mm
Output power 13.2Kw / 7000 rpm (17.69 hp / 6000 rpm)
Maximum torque 20.6 Nm / 5500 rpm (15.19 lbs/ft / 5500 rpm)
Starting Electric
Ignition CDI
Lubrification Force & splash
Transmission Automatic (C.V.T.) High / N / Reverse
Spark plug CR8E
Plug Gap 0.8mm
Plug glug 0.6 - 0.7 mm
Fuel type Above 92 (unleaded)
Lubricate oil SAE 10W-30
Idling Speed 1700+/-100 rpm


Clutch Automatic
Driveline Direct Rear, Drive-Shaft

OR Differential

Gear box oil MoS 2 & W-2DW-4D


Maximum load 2 riders or 180kg/400lbs
Fuel tank 4 Gal (15 litres)
Engine oil 1200cc
Starting < 5s
Climbing 20 - 25 degree
Battery 12V 12Ah
Head ligth 12V 35w / 35w
Tail light 12V 21w / 5w
Gear Oil SAE140/650cc
Towing 500 lbs max


Front, Rear brake Hydraulic disc
Front Tire 23x7-10 14psi
Rear Tire 25x7-12 14psi
Front Suspension Dual A-Arm
Rear Suspension Dual A-Arm
Restraint System Dual 4-point Harness
Final Drive Chain 560 X 66


Overall Length 90" (2286 mm)
Overall Width 62" (1574.8 mm)
Overall Height 63" (1600 mm)
Wheelbase 68" (1727mm)
Front Track 47.1" (1060 mm)
Rear Track 39.4" (1000 mm)
Ground Clearance 5.1" (130 mm)
Net Weight 372 kg / 819 lbs


Digital speedometer, aluminum performance exhaust, dual head lights, horns, fenders, large utility rack, canopy top, 12 volt outlet, trailer hitch.

[edit] COLOR

Red, Silver, Grey, Blue

[edit] MSRP



[edit] OEM Parts List

OEM parts are not available at this moment. This is why we create this link for parts that are available from other buggy manufacturers and will fit on the Interceptor GTR 250 / 300. Carter GTR 250 / 300 parts list cross reference

[edit] Carter Brothers parts project

Carter Brothers parts project

[edit] Upgrades available

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