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Master cylinder 6.000.076
Hammerhead master cylinder
Manufacturer :Hammerhead
Part :Master cylinder
Part# :6.000.076
Dimension :N/A
Weight :N/A



Master Cylinder for Hammerhead 150 GT/GTS/SS, Hammerhead 200 GT and Hammerhead 250 GT/GTS/SS.

Used on

- Hammerhead 150 and 250.

Cross Reference list

Model Part#
Hammerhead all models 6.000.076
Carter Brother Interceptor GTR 250/300 636-0002

Carter Brother Interceptor GTR 250/300 Information

This master cylinder will also fit Carter Brother GTR 250/300. The difference will be the adjustment from the brake pedal. The 2 studs coming out from the brake pedal will need to be adjust as the distance to hit the 2 cylinder are different. All other spec are exactly the same and will fit perfectly on the Carter Brother GTR 250/300. We added some pictures to compare between both master cylinder.

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