CV Axles 627-6062 - Carter Brothers GTR 250/300

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Aftermarket CV Axle 627-6062-AFT
Carter Brothers CV Axles
Manufacturer :Maximum Parts Canada
Part :Aftermarket CV Axle
Part# :627-6062-AFT
Dimension :N/A
Weight :8.91 lbs

Carter Brothers GTR 250/300 CV Axles


Aftermarket CV Axle 627-6062-AFT for Carter Brother Interceptor GTR 250/300. This CV Axle is bigger and stronger. The shaft is 2mm bigger than the original. The outer cv joint is exactly the same specification as the original one. By keeping the same specification it reduce the price by being able to keep the same wheel hub. The inner joint as been re-engineer to offer a bigger connection with the live axle. The live axle will be almost 1" in diameter.

Used on

- Carter Brother Interceptop GTR 250/300 with some modification needed to make it work.

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Carter Brother Interceptor GTR 250/300 Information

This cv axle will fit perfectly with minimal changes.
Carter Brother GTR 250/300 with a live axle will need those parts to get it work:
- 2 CV Axles.
- 1 NEW Live axle.

Things that will not change:
- Same Hub
- Same brake disc
- Same sprocket
- Same bearings
- Same wheel hub

Carter Brother GTR 250/300 with a differential will need those parts to get it work:
- 2 CV Axles
- 1 NEW Live axle
- 2 Bearing with pressed steel housing mount.
- New hub

Things that will not change:
- Same brake disc
- Same sprocket
- Same wheel hub

Difference between the original and the aftermarket

- Outer cv joint is the same
- Shaft is 2mm bigger than the original
- Inner joint is bigger than the original
- The length is the same

Things To Do

We will also get a new hub done for the brake disc and sprocket.


Dec 5, 2011 At this moment we can't find the exact same inner for the cv axle. We will keep this axle as is and develop the live axle to fit this cv axle. If everything goes as planned, we should be able to offer this kit in January 2012.

May 26, 2013 After all that time, we finally got the prototype installed on a machine. We will go test it in the trail next weekend to make sure everything will be perfect. We will need to remove everything after the test and double check that everything perform the way it should be. We will post picture soon...

November 11, 2013 The first kit is done and we will update our website Maximum Parts Canada soon and you will be able to purchase it.

Test Information

We tested this setup on a Carter Brothers GTR 250 - 2007. Everything work fine. If you have any questions or you want us to check with you if it will work on your machine machine, Contact Us. We already know that certain parts changed over the year on the GTR 250 but we don't have enough information to guarantee that every machine use the same live axle / cv axles set up. We also didn't test it on a Carter GTR 300. It might work or not.

Kit Information

This is a kit, it will not work without getting the proper Live Axles. This is the link for the Live Axles

Image Gallery


Video of the first test run.


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